• ABC “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” Calls on Katonah-Based Landscape Designer, TRD Designs, for the Second Year in a Row – Press Release

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    ABC “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” Calls on Katonah-Based Landscape Designer, TRD Designs, for the Second Year in a Row Local Business Owner Participates in Uplifting Transformation of a Non-Profit Camp for Underprivileged Kids with Skilled Landscaping Techniques Katonah, New York, May 1, 2007—For the second straight year, TRD Designs, a Katonah-based landscape design and build company, was asked to perform a little magic in under 24 hours for the two-hour season finale of ABC’s Emmy-winning show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, which will air on May 20 from 7PM-9PM. Recently Tom Dieck, President of TRD Designs helped to assemble a team of skilled craftsmen to transformed the landscape of the Clearpool Education Center, a 100-year-old non-profit camp that provides underprivileged children in the tri-state area with a fun and educational camp experience. The Clearpool Education Center is located in Kent, NY and will play host to Camp Heartland, a Minnesota-based organization that provides support to children with HIV and their families. The 2007 season finale of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition revolves around Debbie Oatman, a living saint with four kids, including three adopted boys, of whom two are HIV positive. Oatman was chosen by Extreme Makeover Home Edition for a variety of reasons including the fact that her house was slowly sinking into the ground, and the mold that had developed in the home was compromising the delicate immune systems of her children. Camp Heartland has played an instrumental role in helping several of Oatman’s children deal with their condition and has provided them with a safe and fun environment. THE CHALLENGE TRD Designs took on the challenge of completely transforming the surrounding landscape of the Clearpool Education Center into a kid-friendly environment so that Debbie Oatman’s boys and other families would have a fun and safe place to learn and play. “We feel extremely fortunate and honored to have been asked to participate in a second Extreme Makeover project,” said Dieck, who orchestrated the landscaping effort for the show. “Debbie Oatman is an extraordinary person and we were happy to lend a hand in the landscape transformation for her and her family.” RESPONSIBILITIES Dieck’s job as project manager and designer was to coordinate with top-level suppliers including masonry, landscaping, iron work, and other construction needs. The goal was to create an aesthetically pleasing, fun and safe play-area for Camp Heartland campers in less than a day. “The network wanted us to work fast and complete the job in under a day, which proved to be a challenge due to the fact that the landscape around the Clearpool Education Center presented several issues,” said Dieck. GETTING THE JOB DONE TRD Designs had their work cut out for them and adding to the challenge their time was cut by seven hours due to unfinished work on the house. They began with a dense ledge that had to be saw cut and chipped out in order to create a consistent grade for the walkways to be installed, which is essential for a safe and stable surface. Large formations of ledge also had to be removed with excavators, a time consuming process that had to be competed in order to move on to the next stage of planting shrubs and trees. In addition, acquiring woodland plants in bloom in the month of March which would meet the expectations of the shows dramatic Before and After footage was very difficult. TRD was able to meet those requirements as well as locating deer resistant and low maintenance plantings that could also handle excessive moisture. FULFILLING EXPERIENCE Tom Dieck cherishes his experiences with the families and people he was able meet and work closely with during the Extreme Makeover projects and would welcome the opportunity to make new friends on a third project. “It’s a unique and special feeling when so many people come together driven by their hearts and the desire to do something good for a family as deserving as the Oatmans,” said Dieck. “I use the term ‘Extreme Makeover Hangover’, when trying to describe the empty feeling one has when everybody goes back to reality because you really do make life long friends during the process.” 12 MONTHS AGO In May 2006, TRD Designs took a barren plot and turned it into a vibrant masterpiece in 4 days and 10 hours. The show featured the Arena family house in Purdys, New York. The family’s only son, Jimmy, had died of a brain tumor the previous September. TRD Designs was brought in to create a landscape that would accommodate the family’s lifestyle with 6 remaining children—all girls, with another baby on the way. In addition, Dieck arranged for the participating companies to extend their commitment to the project for at least one year. “We had such an amazing and fulfilling experience during the Arena family transformation,” said Dieck. “That it made the decision to help out the Oatman Family and accept the Extreme Makeover Home Edition challenge again an easy one.” ABOUT TRD Designs, Ltd TRD Designs, Ltd. is a landscape design and development firm located in Katonah, New York. The company offers a comprehensive approach to transforming existing landscape through creativity, thoughtfulness, and technical expertise, using the latest technology and computer imaging. It is a member of the American Horticultural Society of Professional Landscape Designers. For more information please visit www.Landscape4life.com or www.Trddesigns.com. 914-232-4767; trddesigns.com

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