• Build a backyard oasis: From plastic margarita glasses to custom-built waterfalls, here are the resources you need – NY Journal News/lohud.com

    Posted on June 14, 2009 by admin in news.

    TRD Designs, Katonah Is it us, or does it seem like an unusually large number of waterfalls are popping up in a lot of backyards lately? Backyard water features – waterfalls, koi ponds and streams – are very popular, according to Tom Dieck, lead landscape designer and owner of TRD Designs in Katonah. “I always encourage clients to bring water into their landscape,” says Dieck. “I love that intangible sound it brings to serenity.” Still, building a waterfall or stream into your landscape will run you $4,500, at least. Dieck created a masterpiece – a waterfall-koi pond combination – that totaled a whopping $90,000. Best Buy: If you’re interested in the Zen feeling that water can bring to your backyard, but also want a Zen effect on your wallet, consider an aqua basin. They come in a variety of shapes – urns, pots and animals – and cycle running water through a hidden pump. Aside from the calm that trickling water brings, the water also helps control bugs. “Moving water, no bugs,” Dieck says. Best of all, the cost of an aqua basin is a lot less than a dig-up-the-yard job – figure about $1,500 to $2,500, including installation. Details: TRD Designs, a certified Aquascape contractor; 44 Allison Road, Katonah, 914-232-4767; trddesigns.com

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