Green Solutions

Rain exchange ¬†¬†Water is the world’s most precious resource.¬† The RainXchange‚ĄĘ Harvesting System is a revolutionary design which combines a sub-surface rainwater harvesting collection system with the option of a decorative water feature supplied by the rainwater collected. See how it works…

Native planting¬† As humans relocate plants from one region of the world to another for the sake of food crops or ornamental landscape design these plants are thrust into new environments.¬† If these plants get out of hand they may be termed as invasive species, which denotes a plant which has adversely affected its new environmental surroundings.¬†¬† Alternitively plants native to an area exist as part of that region’s cooperative ecosystem.¬† For example plants may provide fruit as a food source for an insect which may, in turn, provide a source of pollination for that plant.¬† Planning a landscape that relies on the delicate interractions of nature can greatly improve the quality of life for both the plantings being installed and the surrounding ecosystem.

Permeable paving   Most paved surfaces  are designed to shed water to a catch basin which then carries the water into a drainage system. In Recent years our area has experienced a shift in weather patterns leading to storm systems with excessive rainfall.  All of this rain has to go somewhere and is all too often ushered into  existing municipal drainage systems.  Because the volumes of water that these systems were designed to carry has been exceeded in these storm events runoff and erosion problems have skyrocketed.  Permeable pavers allow rainwater to pass right through the surface and avoid the need for drainage systems of any kind. This typically saves homeowners a great deal of money.  These systems also greatly reduce the impact on the environment by decreasing the runoff and erosion problems that plague our current drainage systems.

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