Outdoor lighting

Whether you seek an elegant accent to your home, to light outdoor living areas, or to address basic home safety and security issues, TRD Designs can satisfy your needs with a tasteful and illuminating design.

wflightsver (1)Accent Lighting

Our lighting is carefully calibrated to accentuate your property at night without compromising the beauty of your daytime environment. By carefully studying your property, we can install gorgeous lighting while optimally concealing the light source.

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front walk verticalSafety and Security Lighting

Outdoor lighting is more than just an accent to the beauty of your home. Lighting can be used to increase safety along paths and stairways. Illuminate areas succeptable to heavy nightime traffic to enhance the feeling of security for your family and guests.

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DSC_0139 (2)





Holiday, Party or Event Lighting
TRD Designs can save you the hassle of lighting your party or event yourself and help you focus on having a successful event. Our team offers a variety of custom event, party, Christmas and Hanukkah lighting to suit your taste and can handle your lighting needs for any occasion including weddings, parties, barbecues and any corporate or family, indoor or outdoor event. Our team will make sure that your property is cared for and the lighting provided is safe and reliable.

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