Project Management

Project Management
Tom Dieck (owner and chief designer of TRD Designs) prides himself on the close relationships he’s developed with clients over the years. As part of the services we offer, Tom often honors requests by homeowners to assist in the management of their home improvement projects. Tom combines a strong sense of stewardship with the trust of his clients to see every project through to their complete satisfaction. Tom makes it easy for you to have work performed while you are away from home by providing detailed progress reports, email updates and photo documentation, and like so many TRD Designs clients you can enjoy the peace of mind and security of having a detail oriented designer overseeing your project so you don’t have to

DSCF4306Exterior project management -We believe strongly in helping to properly manage the artistic creations we are proud to have produced on behalf of our clients. The TRD Designs Estate Management Team is extremely knowledgeable about plant science, the culture and management of plants and the environment surrounding them. We stay up to date on the latest news and trends in the industry to provide you the most current and reliable information and services available. Our experienced plant technicians coordinate every phase of estate management to ensure the optimal use of resources to enhance your property.

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20130107TRD_kitchen1635Interior project management - From refurbishments and renovations to additions and new construction projects TRD Designs has connections with the top contractors in the area and is happy to be the steward of your plans to all the different contractors involved. You need only voice your desires and concerns and leave all of the coordination to us.


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