Outdoor project Management

Worry free project coordination Who has the time to get all their service contractors on the same page and working together? Put all your troubles in our hands.  We’re able to coordinate all aspects of your outdoor project(s) quickly and efficiently. From irrigation to lawn and plant care to outdoor lighting and any other project outside we have the resources to get the job done.  TRD Designs values its relationships with many hand-picked local services and has the resources to deliver only the very best to their clients.

Seasonal care and maintenance  Seasons bring big changes here in the northeast.  The privelage of experiencing 4 beautiful distinct seasons carries with it a set of responsibilities to make sure your home and estate are prepared for the changes to come.  TRD Designs can provide an array of seasonal care options to help you prepare for the oncoming season.

Seasons_springSpring- spring cleanups,recovery from winter damage, flower bulb installation, edging and mulching beds,



summer-seasons-clip-artSummer-flower care and organic fertilization, lawn care, shrub and ornamental tree pruning



autumn-fall-season-clip-artFall- Transplanting, leaf cleanup, Water feature closings, bulb plantings, plant protection for winter



winter season clip artWinter- applications of eco-friendly deer repellent and anti-dessicants to plants to ensure success through winter



Disaster recovery and preparedness No one knows when mother nature may reek havoc on our area as she has done all too often in recent years.  Extreme conditions lead to unforseen problems that more often than not lead to costly repairs or inconveniences.  Let TRD Designs get you prepared to weather any storm.


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