Water Features



TRD Designs is a Certified Aquascape Contractor

Water features enhance any property with beauty and tranquility. TRD Designs has experience installing a variety of water features and will suggest the most appropriate feature to enhance the indoor or outdoor setting of your choice. Using inspiration found in nature we artistically create natural ecosystem centerpieces for your own personal backyard oasis. We can construct a water feature to fit any area large or small…when it comes to water features we have something just right for you…

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waterfall3Pondless Waterfalls

Looking for an impactful addition to your landscape that incorporates the sound of water. A pondless waterfall is a great accent or focus for any landscape. Get all the impact of a natural stream or waterfall without having to sacrifice precious space for a pond. These low maintenance features can be incorporated seamlessly into any landscaping design.




Ponds, Streams, and Water Gardens

Picture yourself reclining on your back patio listening to the water cascading down your stream.  As it gently falls into your pond causing tiny ripples on the surface ur attention turns to the water lilies in full bloom floating on the surface.  The koi swimming aimlessly catch you looking and come to the surface waiting for you to treat them to a tasty meal.  All of our ponds are low maintenance ecosystem balanced ponds




Running water adds tranquility to any garden setting. Often times we encounter areas that are simply too small to accomidate a pond or a waterfall.  For these spaces we utilize one of the many different  fountainscape options available.  These decorative features have tremendous impact


Non-Residential or Commercial water features  These large water features are often found in commercial environments like residential subdivisions, shopping centers or an office complex. Some homeowners may have one of these advanced ponds installed on their property where space and budget allow.






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