• TRD Designs Makes an “Extreme Makeover” of Purdys home – Press Release

    Posted on June 20, 2006 by admin in news.

    TRD Designs Makes an “Extreme Makeover” of Purdys home Katonah, New York, June 20, 2006—It took TRD Designs 4 days and 10 hours to take a barren plot and turn it into a masterpiece worthy of a Better Homes and Gardens landscaping award. In fact, Tom Dieck, TRD Designs’ president, orchestrated the effort for the ABC show “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition,” which aired on Mother’s Day, May 14. The show featured the Arena family house in Purdys, New York. The family’s only son, Jimmy,had died of a brain tumor the previous September. TRD Designs was brought in to create a landscape that would accommodate the family’s lifestyle with 6 remaining children—all girls, and another baby on the way. With the spring landscaping season in full swing, Dieck almost didn’t take the project. But,according to Dieck, “seeing the house and understanding the family’s circumstances had an immediate impact on me, and I felt I had no choice but to help this family. They really needed our help.” As project manager, it was Dieck’s job to coordinate multiple suppliers—the best in their fields—for plant materials, landscaping artwork, outdoor water features and irrigation, an outdoor spa, fencing, flagstone and other construction needs. The goal was to create a stunning, TV-worthy yard for the Arena family in less than 5 days. “No one could have been prepared for the many surprises that we encountered,” said Dieck. To name a few: septic issues that prevented working on the backyard; two large dogs that would be kept outside–and needed houses to be built to ensure that the rest of the property remained in tact; an oversized gas grill that required the patio to be enlarged the morning of the show; and an 11 a.m. request on the day of the show from the network for indoor plants. Further complicating matters, were endless heavy downpours. “The network gave us two things: a thumbnail sketch of the family, but no indication of their gardening likes or dislikes; and some ‘interesting’ ideas of what they wanted from a visual perspective for the show taping, ” said Dieck. “The rest was up to us.” In the end, TRD Designs managed to satisfy the need for a showy landscape, modified to be practical, while also fulfilling the show’s desires. He also came to know the family well, and the connection he made with them moved him to continue to work with them on their newly manicured property. In fact, Dieck arranged for the participating companies to extend their commitment to the project for at least one year, with many continuing longer into the future. Sal Ferro, President of Alure Home Improvements, the general contractor who brought in TRD Designs for the Arena project, commented: “From design to completion, TRD Designs’ effort,dedication and strong project management ensured that the exterior was well designed and fit the family’s needs and circumstances, especially considering the extremely difficult time pressures.” In summarizing the work at the Arena house, Dieck commented: “We can never do anything to take away the pain involved in the passing of Jimboy, but we can create an environment that makes life a little easier for the family to enjoy living.” TRD Designs, Ltd. is a landscape design and development firm located in Katonah, New York. The company offers a comprehensive approach to transforming existing landscape through creativity, thoughtfulness, and technical expertise, using the latest technology and computer imaging. It is a member of the American Horticultural Society of Professional Landscape Designers. For more information, please visit www.Landscape4life.com or www.Trddesigns.com. 914-232-4767

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