Landscape Installation

Kohnstamm 00006TRD Designs, Ltd. offers a comprehensive approach to transforming your existing landscape through creativity, thoughtful design, and technical expertise. Whether you dream of lush rolling lawns, dramatic stonework or the gentle echo of a waterfall, TRD Designs can design, install and maintain landscape projects of any scope designed

Crape MrytleTrees, shrubs, perrenials The cornerstone to any successful landscape installation is of course the planting.  Anyone can buy plants and put them in the ground.  We do so much more than that.  Each plants final location is based on an intimate knowledge of the growth habits and seasonal coloration of the plant as well as each individual plants particular light and water requirements. Let us show you the proffesional difference between just planting and Landscaping.

For examples of finished installations:

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DSC_0016Architectural and Hardscape components  The neccesity for an outdoor living space is the spark of many a landscaping project.  Be it a pool, patio, or pergola proper planning is important.  We specialize in artfully integrating utilitarian hardscape structures into the design process to achieve a space that is not only aesthetically pleasing but functional.

For examples of  Hardscape projects:  

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Scan 110710017Athletic and Recreational Installations: whether its a swingset, basketball hoop or full size athletic court we can bring the excitement and energy of your favorite sport or recreation to your very own backyard.  From basketball to tennis to hockey we can help you choose the court that best suits your needs.



For examples of Athletic and Recreational projects:

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